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Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry itself is a very premium and shiny object. It catches attention from very far. Jewelry retouching service is very important. But then again in photos to make it more attractive might get tricky sometimes. That is retouching on them is important. Only a good retouch can bring out the shining sparkle inside any jewelry.

Good photography and professional retouching can give you jewelry look more premium and eye-catchy. That is why we provide the best jewelry retouching service which is perfect for your business. We understand the subtleness of any product and keep the retouching process subtle.

We use professional software like adobe lightroom and photoshop to give the final touch to your photos which makes the photo stand out and look eye-catchy. We keep our retouching process very natural. We try to keep the natural color of the jewelry to gain the customer’s trust and also, we remove any unwanted things from any photo.

Jewelry photography is a bit tricky because they cannot stand up easily. They need to get support to make it to any particular position. If you can do that there is lot more issue like the lighting and background etc. We do take care of all the things. All the services we offer under jewelry retouching are mentioned below. You will get the best jewelry retouching service from us.

Jewelry Retouching Service

Dust cleaning

Because jewelry is not a that big product that is why photographers have to take close pictures of them. Also, to show the design more clearly, they have to take close-up shots but, in this thing, you get to see the dust or dirt in the normal jewelry. So, we that remove the dust by using photoshop. We do it carefully so that it doesn’t ruin the quality of the photo and also does not get different colors in different places.

We do that very precisely.

Scratch cleaning

Seeing scratches on any jewelry is very common. But in close-ups, it looks odd and can ruin the purchase mindset of the customer. Little scratches are normal on any jewelry that is why we very carefully remove them so that the main photo doesn’t get affected from anywhere.

Using many intelligent tools in photoshop we complete that.

Jewelry Retouching Service

Reflection removal

Because jewelry is a very shiny material that reflects many things. In a studio space, it ruins the quality of the photo for reflecting on the jewelry. That is why we provide a reflection removal option too. It will get the true sense of that jewelry. Otherwise, it will look like it’s not appropriate. removing reflection is a tricky part but we do it very carefully so that you get the best result out of it.

Diamond and gems polishing

Diamond is a very shiny object. It catches all the lights on the studio and shows the colors according to them. That is why often they do not look shiny rather very reflective. That is why we clean the gems and diamond pictures specially to get a shine like it normally has. It makes the diamond glowing and eye-catchy. This gives a very eye catchy look too. the shine is not artificial at all, we keep it subtle and natural always.

Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry shadow creation

In jewelry, shadows get used most of the time. it makes the jewelry looks like it is floating. The jewelry is shortened by a floating position. That is why shadows look better on jewelry especially drop shadows look the best. We have our separate shadow creation service but in jewelry retouch, we also provide that. It makes the jewelry look more realistic and an eye-pleasing look. Giving the perfect amount of shadow to a product is difficult that is why you need professionals. We provide the best quality photo retouching service for years now.

Jewelry color correction

In-studio lights the color of the jewelry gets easily ruined. For that, you need to bring back the real color of them in post-processing. That is what we do in retouching. We make the picture look more color accurate. Usually, in the raw photo, the colors of the photo get a bit dull. To bring back the life of the photo we have correct the color manually. We use different tools to bring color to a certain part.

Jewelry Retouching Service

Gold and silver recoloring

Keeping the real gold and silver color in photos is difficult in shoots. For many reasons, the color could not stay the same. Different shots get different colors. So to keep the color consistent on the particular series we have to be careful about the different colors so that they do not get different looking in different places. It is a difficult job to keep the color consistency in all. It needs the experience to bring back the real color of gold and silver and keeping them the same on all of them.

Background cleaning and removal

Because of the jewelry have to keep in support with something. That is why there is a lot of things to remove from the background. The necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches sparkle this thing needs support to stand in a position. So, while removing the background we have to also remove the object which is supporting the jewelry to stay in a position. So, we remove them carefully and give you a properly clear background without harming the main subject.

Repainting the shine on the material

Because the gold and diamonds are very shiny. They create reflection. To remove that reflection, you have to retouch the photo. And for that reflection, the metal doesn’t see very shiny or attractive. To make it more eye-catchy they have to adjust the brightness of that particular metal.

Creative jewelry edits

We also provide special edits for the jewelry to print in any magazine or any commercial place. It is important to have a creative vision for any particular product. In terms of creating any background or shadow or put the jewelry in that particular position, you need creative vision. To use a jewelry photo commercially it is important to have an out of the box design on them. the traditional look won’t fit on them.

Our steps

We keep our work process in various steps. To elaborate more on every step, we have our professionals to help you out and have the best result end of the day. So here is our basic breakdown of the jewelry retouching process.

Dust cleaning

The first thing we do while retouching a jewelry photo we clean the dust first. We get rid of those little particles which are normal to have on a piece of jewelry. Because of the close-up shots, the dust looks a bit more clearly. For that, you have to be careful while digitally clearing them.

Basic color correction

For various reasons, you do not get the expected color from your photoshoot. In raw photos, the jewelry always looks very dull and unnatural color. So we fix that at first using adobe lightroom and photoshop. It brings backs the original color of the jewelry material and keeps the color consistent throughout all the products.

Digital masking

In this step, we add shine to the gems or the diamonds. Usually, because of the lighting, the camera could not pic the shine of the particular material correctly. That is why we need to do that part to give the materials that shine and have them look brand new and clickable.

Final adjustment

In the final touch, we see the color combination is right or wrong. We set the excessive use of any color on the jewelry. We musk individually to fix the colors and shine on the material. This process fixes lots of the issues and gives the final touch of the retouching process.

Why us?

We have been providing a photo retouching service for a while now. To elaborate on the jewelry retouching process, we are the expert. Our experienced team is highly trained to make your photo look more attractive and eye-catchy. We follow the trend and keep the creative pursuit in us to design any product.

Which eventually helps you with getting more and more clicks and purchase rates to your product. We understand the market and the consumer psychology to retouch jewelry. We are fully aware of which type of retouching attracts the most of the audience.

We always try to keep the product look more natural and believable for the consumer. For any commercial use, our creative team does a fantastic job. They always think out of the box and design a unique design without repeating them again and again. These are the specialty of ours. We custom our order if you need to take any other order don’t forget to check our other services to get know more about us.

Let’s experience the difference

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