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E-commerce photo editing

About e-commerce photo editing we have talked about this a lot before. Most of the photo editing service is used for e-commerce editing. In this 21st century in the internet age, e-commerce has grown a lot. To sell on this platform good quality of the photo is very important. And that is what we do for you.

Our experienced team of the editor has a long-term work experience in this particular field. They know the trend going on in these e-commerce sites. To catch up with the flow there is no alternative to having good quality photos. And we have various services related to e-commerce. All of them will help you to bring out the best photo output for your product.

In e-commerce platforms, images are the only deciding factor. To have a good sales conversion there is no alternative to a good quality image. In research in terms of online purchase 70% depends on the photo it’s containing. There is nothing else to see and believe for the customers without the photos. So, make sure you put them right and clear.

In many [other services we have mentioned how that service will help in your e-commerce business. But in this particular post, we are about to share what are the services we offer around this e-commerce photo editing. You have spent a good amount of money to take good pictures of them but you didn’t put that effort to edit them then there is no point. You won’t get your desired result.

E-commerce photo editing

Background removal

This is the most used and known service in terms of e-commerce photo editing. A plain background product photo gives you more clarity about the product and it removes destruction. If the photo has clattered and has different things in it it will distract the customers and you will lose them.

That is why we put effort and remove the background precisely and also put a solid background that will complement the product color. It gives the essence of the photo and makes it more realistic. And also, you get the flexibility to use the photo with any background.

Mannequin effect

Hiring a model and trying them on with the cloth and taking photos might get costly sometimes. Also, to show off clothing it is more interesting to show that somebody is wearing it. And if you are using a mannequin to do that then with the mannequin the photo looks weird sometimes. That is why we are here. We will remove the mannequin part from the picture properly.

To give you a clear idea we use the mannequin effect in photoshop. To have that effect you can check our article about that from here. We make the ghost mannequin effect. In general removing, you will see the back part of the cloth has been removed because of the mannequin removal. But we do not do that. We merge both of the parts so that they look more realistic and have a 3D effect on that.

E-commerce photo editing

Photo shadow effect

This is also a vastly used effect in the e-commerce industry. It makes the product image more realistic and have them a proper look with it. It looks the product is floating. But putting the shadow realistic is a challenge. But we provide this smartly to make the photo look more realistic. Which is mandatory to generate more sales on e-commerce platforms.

Photo color correction

this technique can save you a lot of money. In this service, we provide different colors for the same photo in photoshop. So, you don’t have to take multiple photos of your products to show all the color options. We can do this artificially in a perfect way. And that is how you get multiple color options generated from just a single photo.

E-commerce photo editing

Product photo cleaning

This service uses mostly in jewelry editing. It is normal that in the product there is some dust and unnecessary thing could be there. But showing them in the image is not appropriate. Especially in close up the image, they get clearer. Which is distracting and does not convince the customer to purchase. That is why we do clean them in post.

Product image composition

You must have seen online ads using multiple photos together. So, our editor can do this as well. They will add multiple photos together and can create a really good concept image. This type of image mostly gets used in an advertisement in the e-commerce platform. We can keep any element from any photo and have them merged together to have a great combination.

In e-commerce platform details matter a lot. Little flaws in a photo can be a huge issue later. But in terms of photo retouching, we have other services that you can access from here.

E-commerce photo editing

Why You Need an E-commerce photo editing Service?

The main reason for proving an e-commerce photo editing service is to raise your sales regularly. It is proven from the research that a perfectly edited photo gets 70% more clicks compared to an average one. So here is the math. To have this kind of sales rate there is no alternative to having good quality edited photos. For that reason, we provide the best quality editing service in every aspect of e-commerce service.

Benefits of E-commerce photo editing services

There are lots of benefits of e-commerce photo editing service. We are going to mention some of them here.

Gets better click-through rate

It is proven that a good edited sharp quality photo gets the most clicks on e-commerce or social media platforms. Eventually, it drives you more sell. And which is the main target of doing e-commerce business. You provide value to the customers and they provide value to yours. By good quality photos, you help the customers to have an easy purchase decision.

You build your credibility

Online reputation is everything. A loyal customer is very important and we understand that is why with the professional quality image you can convince your customers and make a good image of your brand on e-commerce platforms. Which is most important. If anybody sees good professional quality images in your store compared to an average store where photos aren’t professional quality, it is obvious that they will remember you and they will come back repeatedly in the future.

Make it look professional

In social media, age judging is very easy. The customers can judge easily your quality by just seeing your photos. It represents your effort to your store in e-commerce. That is why you should provide good quality images of your product.

Why us?

So, these are some benefits you get from editing services in order to do sell one commerce platform. There are a lot of more other benefits included in the good quality photo. And photo editing plays a very important role in the quality of the image provided.

A good quality photo edit could make or break the final photo. All the services we provide there need of all of them. They provide values in terms of getting a good sales rate. We make sure that you can stand up in the crowd with your photo quality. Which makes you different from the crowd on e-commerce platforms.

We understand the market trend and we are doing this for years. We do not make the photos artificial. We always try to keep them as realistic as possible. We never over edit or make it unrealistic. Our highly professional team is doing this for years. We are providing related services for years now. We spend a lot on our resources and software to give you the best output possible.

We understand your needs and provide according to that. The best way to stand out is a good quality image, there is no alternative. With good images, you do not only acquire customers at one time also get benefits in e-commerce platforms. Because of the good quality images, you get the most clicks and because of that, the commerce platforms recommend you to more people. Yes, that is how the algorithm of these sites runs.

Not only that many of them are using Artificial Intelligence which can understand the quality of your images and can recommend you according to that. That is the higher quality you provide you get the more chance to get recommended by the site itself.

So, this is the best technique. That is why image editing is a crucial part of the e-commerce business. We provide the best value at reasonable prices. So, feel free to contact us to get the quote. We deliver you in time and provide you the best value. Do not forget to check our other services too.

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