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Headshot Retouching Service

Headshot retouching is another form of advanced image editing service. The main target of this is getting professional-grade industry-standard photos. There are lots of techniques available in the market to retouch a photo. Before that let’s understand what is headshot. We provide the headshot retouching service here.

A headshot is a photography technique where the photo is taken most of your face including from your body. And in body part only till the belly part gets into the photo. There is nothing more than that. The photo is focused on professional reasons. To make the identity usually this type of photo gets taken.

So, because the most important part you face directly comes to the photo that is why to have an attractive look having the photo retouched is very important. There is various retouching process. But in the headshot retouching keeping the original face tone is the challenge. Because we have to keep the originality also gets the picture clean and fresh.

Headshot retouching service we provide

Headshot Retouching Service

This is the most basic retouching process. We do not change much on this retouching process. We always try to project the realness of a person. Just simple color correction and any major marks get reduced in this process. This is the most basic retouching process. We keep the real face tone by just adjusting the brightness and contrast of the photo. And also some very little touch-ups on the teeth and the eyebrows that’s it. this process most of the time gets used intentionally to get the true test in mind and make sure the detail on the photo.

By the name, you can understand in this type of retouching process our focus to make the picture look more professional and perfect. You reduce all the flaws on the skin. We remove any scars or blemish on the skin. We make the skin tone smoother and more consistent by keeping the real color tone intact. For this process, we have to go through various tools in photoshop. We do not leave any flaws in the picture. We do the eyebrows, retouch the lips, keeping the eyes, and in some points like in lips you use the saturation tool. But we always make the picture natural and perfect looking.

Headshot Retouching Service

This is more of a creative retouching system. This type of retouching applies if anybody needs a certain look. According to any commercial or any acting purpose if anybody has to get into any character then we put those character elements on our retouching process as much as possible. It is a very specified retouching process. Rather than skill creativity is more important in that. To get the true essence of that particular character we retouch the photo according to that. This type of retouched photo usually gets into magazines or posters. In this kind of picture, we do the background removal, extra makeup, using dodge and burn, toning the skin intact shaping the face too. This is a very time consuming and creative process of headshot retouching.

The specialty of commercial headshot retouching is it should be welcoming. This type of headshots gets used in many different magazines, commercial ads, or e-commerce platforms. Where client retention is the main concern. That is why the model face should be friendly and welcome. In these cases, we try to keep the retouching process natural. We focus on increasing the beauty of the model and remove any distraction from the photo. We make the skin looking flawless. In this process we have to do whitening the teeth, Blacken the hair, eye correction, background remover, Removing blemishes, pimples & wrinkles, etc. Overall makes the photo more welcoming and attractive. It’s a heavy process of retouching.

Headshot Retouching Service

In this kind of headshot retouching process, the main concern is making the person looking very smart and confident. Corporate headshot retouching is very popular in the industry. The main purpose of these photos is professional use. And make it look more professional we remove any dark circles, pimple spots, red-eye, wrinkles & scars, etc. We want to make the photo more trustworthy. The basic goal of the retouching process is to give the photo more grown-up and decent. It must have to look professional. there is nothing fancy allowed. To make it professional we sometimes add clothes to the photos.

This is the most demanding retouching service now. In this type of retouching process, we always want to bring out the beauty of the model or actor. We have to go with a certain look to pull off. In this process, a very moderate type of retouching happens. We fix many things in the headshot and before starting the retouching process we have to make sure to full of a certain look. Because most of them get used in any portfolio or audition. So, we keep that in mind and retouch according to that. In the retouching process, we remove all the wrinkles, spots, reminisces, dark sport from the face. Whitening the teeth, eye touch up also face reshaping happens. And basic color correction and skin smoothing are mandatory in this process.

Headshot Retouching Service

When you take photos from another photo. It is obvious that you will lose some quality. For that to bring back we enhance the photo. We make the photo look like it has taken new. Many enhancing processes go through it and you get the best photo output and also the resolution. We remove all the scratches or the color faded because of over or underexposed.

This is the biggest part of headshot retouching. In every retouch process, this part is mandatory. In raw pictures our faces always have some issues, they are usually not even. That is skin smoothing is a must to make the photo look cleaner and fresher. It hides all the wrinkles and edges or spots from your skin. And gives a very even attractive skin.

In headshot retouching many times we have to remove the background because the client needs a clear or white background or the photo is going to be used in a certain background in this case we have to remove the background. It allows the picture to add anywhere and have no issue. We remove the background very carefully so that form anywhere the photo doesn’t get cut or uneven.

This is the very first and basic part of photo retouching. Fixing the lights is the first thing we do on a raw photo. It brings out the real potential of the photo and makes the process easier. By adjusting highlights, it makes the colors deeper and light. To make a dull photo more vibrant the highlight slider will help you.

By shadow, you understand what we talking about. It shows the shadow areas more clearly if you increase the shadow. And if you want them to shadows are gone darker the keep the slider down it will dark out those areas. So, these are the basic editing we do at first.

In headshot photos removing the dark spots, blemishes, wrinkles, scars, tattoos removing is a mandatory part. To make the skin look clearer it is necessary to remove this from the skin and make it look fresher. It smooths out the skin and makes it clear. Using brush, we make that happen. But we try to keep the skin tone the same on the photos so that it doesn’t look weird.

Teeth whitening is an important part of the retouching process too. Because the most focus goes to the face that is why having a bright smile is important. That is why we whiten the teeth more. So that it pops up and looks more attractive.

So, these were the services and processes we provide headshot retouching service. Every professional and model want to have their clean attractive looking headshot. And we help them to achieve that. Our experienced team understand the certain look and retouch according to that. To even bring out a particular look our team is the best.

We understand every photo and the use of it and enhance them according to that. We keep the main color tone the same. So that the photo doesn’t look too artificial. That is why we are getting the best feedback from our customers. We bring life to the photo. To see our other services in photo retouching don’t forget to check the service page.

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