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Image Masking Services

Image masking services is very popular in the photo industry. There is a huge industry of people who needs to have to do masking on their photos. With the rise of e-commerce platforms and businesses photo masking has become a regular need thing.

By image masking, we mean removing the background of a photo. To use a photo in a more versatile way removing the background is very important. A transparent photo can give you lots of freedom to use the photo to use it anywhere you want.

Because most of the photographers are busy, they really cannot provide image masking services. that is why we are here to help you out so that you can put your full focus on the business. We are providing professional-quality photo masking services for a while now. Our experienced and expert team is always ready to deliver you the best quality work.

We make our process very precise. By using professional software, we mask your photo and give you a perfectly masked transparent background photo. Which is ready to use for any purpose. You can add any background to it and the masking process is very accurate. We do not miss any single details to the subject to separate. And you will get the best image masking services .

What is image masking?

As we have said before image masking is a process of editing where you can expose or hide some parts of the image. But clipping path usually gets used for background removal. It is widely popular to remove any background from any photos. the photoshop masking can accurately separate the subject from the background.

Image Masking service

Who needs this image masking services ?

This service is vastly important for E-commerce sellers. They mostly need this service to display their products on the sites and get sales. While taking the photos in the studio the background isn’t always better and also you might want to add a new background to the product. Then this service for you.

Not only that for any commercial reason to use the photo on any magazines needs to add a different background to the photo then this service will come them handy. most of the time the photography studio cannot provide this service because of the overcrowded workload theirs. So masking these photos in bulk gets difficult for them. That is, we are here to help you out.

Types of masking services

There are various types of masking services available. We provide all of them. Here just giving a small brief about them. Choose according to your need and let us know.

Image Masking service

Photoshop Layer Masking

Photoshop layer masking is a common method of removing the background. It is the easiest way to do layer masking. If you want to remove a certain portion of an image then this thing usually gets in use. You have many more controls over it too. You can change the color of the selected layer and opacity too. In the masking tool selecting by the black brush tool, the background will get transparent.

You can set the hardness and the opacity of the brush. The brush has got various moods too. You can set according to your need. The portion you select by brush will go transparent. Same as if you need to bring back any portion you just have to redo the brush pressing minus.

Alpha Channel Masking

This option of editing gives you a lot more options. It is different from the general type of masking. That is where this method comes in handy. Suppose you need the remove the background at the same time have to change the brightness and contrast of a particular photo then this method is a perfect method for you.

Here you can change the brightness and contrast of the photo at the same time as well as remove the background. This particular method is a bit tricky too but for our professionals, it’s very easy. It makes the work process very fast and easy.

Image Masking service

Hair Masking

Masking the hair part is very tricky. Because it has very thin edges that are hard to mask. but not for us, our professionals do not let go a single side of a hair. If you have had the thinnest line of hair, we also mask that. We do not let go of any detail. And to do this process clipping path won’t be enough. That is why here comes the hair masking method.

If the image is not properly masked then it will look very weird because a certain portion of the hair will be missing so nobody wants that. That is why there is no alternative to having hair masking. And we do this perfectly for you.

Photoshop Refine Edge Masking

It is a common problem in photoshop that clipping the sharp edges is really hard and if once you get that it creates a problem later on using the photo on another background. To solve this problem, we use refine edge masking. It will help you to easily mask yourself with any background. You won’t face any problem with adjusting the background with them.

This feature also gives you a fine tool option to work with critical edges too. This tool comes in very handy in a well lighten the photo. It keeps the color combination intact and doesn’t look weird while attach to any other background.

Image Masking

Transparent Object Masking

This is another tricky masking. This masking process has been getting used in those photos where the background can be seen from the front. That means the object itself is transparent. In this kind of situation, just removing the background is not the solution. Because after removing the background the object will look different. After attaching with another background there will be no match.

And the object we are talking about is glasses, water, jar, jug, car glass, and spectacles, etc. For this object, special masking is needed that is why our expert team does have the skill to remove the transparent object background too. So, after doing that whatever the background you attach will not be different from the transparent object.

Collage Masking

The college mask method has been vastly used in magazines, leaflets, brochures, etc. the primary purpose of the masking is to use more than two photos to look at them they are together, and also adding multiple photos objects to a single photo is done by college masking.

Anything could be added here. By using different layers, we do this college masking process. In the college masking process, there is lots of room to add more objects to the photo. Also, according to the need, you can decorate the picture. But the concern is the lighting and the depth. keeping the realistic lighting and putting them in the right depth is kind of a challenge but our experienced team is an expert on them.

How to remove background by Photoshop

There are lots of ways available to make the background transparent in photoshop. We are sharing some of them which are easy to use. There are different situations to use them properly. All the methods are made for different reasons.

Background eraser tool

This tool is the widely used tool to remove the background. Lots of people use this tool to remove the background. This tool works fine with any photo and it is easy and fast too. the problem with this tool is the accuracy. In a photo where have thin lines there the tools get shorter. It cannot select the area and if can it is very difficult to get.

Selection tool

To remove the background using the selection tool is the easiest way to get the background separated. This tool automatically detects the object edge and select that. After using the transparent layer, you will get a transparent background with your photo. But this has the same issue with the accuracy. But the advantage is editors can have been various layers.

Brush tool

It is another popular way to mask any photo from the background. The brush tool uses black and grey color to directly use the masking process. It gives the user lot more option to edit. With the same tool, you can adjust many other options too.

Why us?

We are doing masking work for years now. And our highly skilled team is expert on their job. We give the same importance to all of our clients. The attention to detail we maintain in every photo is the highest in the industry. We know the trend and from choosing our various masking process you can get the perfect result. Our 1005 accuracy and dedication provide you the best fast service.

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